Business Model Clarity

By: William Buist on : 26th June 2015: Business Model, Business articles: No Comments

In any business model the devil is in the detail, having clarity about who your products and services are intended to serve, and what problem or need they address is a good start, and ensuring that the activities resources and partnerships align with that analysis is key.

We think that business model analysis should go further than being introspective around how the business does what it does, but also consider what it expects others to do as a result of its activity. Customers are most directly influenced by the services and products supplied, but a key part of any business is having clarity about its market position. Lidl and Aldi’s market position aren’t the same as Waitrose. They don’t want them to be.

There’s something vital about the knowledge skills and experience the business has to making the proposition unique and compelling too, and understanding how others in the market approach what you do is vital for your proposition.

Business Model Clarity is a key prerequisite of remarkable businesses. Even if you feel it is clear enough, it’s worth spending time regularly to make sure that clarity has reach and impact.

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