Do you make better choices based on the context of trust?

By: William Buist on : 22nd January 2016: Business Design, Business Model, Business articles, Strategy: 1 Comment

We don’t need the same level of trust to buy a packet of sweets as we do to buy a new build house or lend a friend a significant sum. We make our choice to go ahead, or not, based on whether the trust we have, in the context of the choice we have to make, is sufficient for us at that moment.

Even if someone lets us down badly in a business transaction, that doesn’t mean that we will never do business with them again, albeit with due care. Trust is a scale; not something that is either wholly present or absent, and it is contextual. If we properly understand the context of the trust we are relying on, then we will make better decisions.

When we meet a prospect for the first time, they have no experience of our trustworthiness, so they base their assumptions on a whole host of other things. Our attitude towards them, in business conversations, our contract, the views of others, any online presence, and so on. It’s worth thinking through what level of trust you need to demonstrate and then to think how you can show that level of trustworthiness, or more, in that context.

Not your context, of course, but theirs, and that’s a much harder thing to identify.

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