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By: William Buist on : 20th February 2016: Business News, Business articles: 1 Comment

EU Referendum

Now that the referendum will be on June 23rd we’ll be reporting on the latest opinion polls and betting regularly.

EU poll tracker

The latest poll is from IPSOS MORI and was conducted before the announcement of the referendum and the deal in Europe. It shows a majority for remaining (54%) with 36% to leave and 10% undecided. Based on a sample of 497 conducted by phone.

EU betting

Betting often shows a slightly different result and reflects where people are putting their money as opposed to what they tell a pollster. Current odds (after the announcement of the referendum) average slightly less than 3/1 on for remain and slightly more than 2/1 against for leave. The bookies strongly favour remaining.

Apple and Security.

The importance of the security of our personal data and the need for the security services to be able quickly to investigate crime. Apple’s approach to locking iPhones means that even they can’t break the encryption, so the FBI has asked them to update the firmware to allow a ‘brute force’ attack to open the phone without automatically wipe. The courts agreed, Apple didn’t. Apple is appealing. Tim Cook has written a letter to customers (here:

In all businesses security is necessary and particularly when it relates to other people’s data. Each of us in business needs to consider the possibility of both legitimate requests for access, and the risk of gaining inappropriate access.

In both the UK and the USA privacy laws are being reviewed, and we’ll be keeping an eye on how things develop and will report further on these pages in the future.

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