Work Blend – How to manage competing commitments harmoniously

By: William Buist on : 28th April 2016: Business Design, Business Model, Business articles: No Comments

Our lives are not lived in silos, but with dependencies across all aspects of life, through our customers and suppliers in business and our families and friends socially. Work blend means allowing all our commitments to harmoniously co-exist. That needs flexibility and adaptability.

The percentage of people who are caregivers for someone else continues to grow. The family is changing in other ways too. The number of children living in single-parent homes continues to rise and the number of two-parent families where both parents work is high and growing. That poses challenges for businesses that seek to ensure that the people involved can deliver they work needed and still cope with other commitments such as family illnesses or school obligations. Flexible collaborative schedules help.

Technology can give us all tools better to manage our time and responsibilities. Taking opportunities to blend work into other plans, for example, taking one remote meeting during a holiday might allow you to give undivided attentive presence to your family throughout the holiday and avoid uncertainty stress. One meeting can do that; ten will not. Work blend requires perspective as well as adaptability. 

With the various cloud technologies available, it has become possible for people to work on documents with other people, participate in workflows, access their work computers, and even hold live conferences with clients or coworkers. The technology allows us to choose alternative options without having to compromise quality.

Choosing adaptive flexibility respects our communities too. It shows that we understand others need for flexibility and that we both value others time, and quality of life. When there is a strong collaborative ethos, it’s not necessary for everyone to be constantly in touch either because the shared goals and values drive appropriate choice reliably, even on issues that usually demand consultative decision-making

Helping everyone develops better work blend for all and improves all aspects of life as well as making strong business sense.

Competing commitments

When commitments are made in separate silos clashes are inevitable, we don’t live in silos so we need ot focus on making our commitments in a harmonious way. That needs both clarity and foresight.

When our clients have clarity about the goals of their business their decisions flow faster, and the actions align. Fewer mistakes mean less rework, and less corrective action. As well as saving costs that means that you have more time and can make deliverable, harmonious commitments in all aspects of their lives, keeping the work blend aligned.

If you would like to know more about how to make this happen fill in the form and we will be in touch.

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