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By: William Buist on : 22nd April 2016: Business Design, Business Model, Business articles: No Comments

In the world of social media and smart devices, it is tempting for people to keep working even when they are not officially ‘on the clock.’ According to one survey quoted by CNBC, as many as 91 percent of Americans admit to doing work-related tasks during their personal time. In the UK figures have been reported at about the same level.

Whether it is answer email or reviewing documents for the big meeting, these types of tasks detract from the ability of the employee to relax when not ‘officially’ working. This adds stress, limits time to unwind, and divides attention from loved ones.

When you or your team do not disconnect from their devices, there will also invariably be a dilemma of difficulties with prioritising. When everyone is expected to be connected and available to address concerns or client questions at all times, even long after dinner, everything seems urgent, it is not. Similar to the problems that arise from an emphasis on operational speed rather than strategic pace, without identified priorities and an understanding how each area contribute to the greater goals of the company, everyone gets less valuable work accomplished.

Several major brands have been recognised for their initiatives encouraging their employees to disconnect from their devices. This includes technology companies such as Google and major international brands such as Volkswagen. It works, we should all take note. By encouraging their employees to ignore their emails for at least part of the time these companies are working to ensure everyone also gives their attention to their personal responsibilities and relationships.

That’s work blend in practice.

Undivided Attentive Presence

When you are doing something it is worth giving it your undivided attentive presence, which ensures that you make fewer costly mistakes.

When clients have clarity about the goals of their business their decisions flow faster, and the actions align. Fewer mistakes mean less rework, and less corrective action. As well as saving costs that means that you have more time and can also give your undivided attentive presence to all aspects of your life, keeping the work blend aligned.

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