Work Blend – The Strategic Pace of Business

By: William Buist on : 15th April 2016: Business Design, Business Model, Business articles: No Comments

We all know that to run a marathon you have to set off with the effort and work of the whole race in mind. Pacing yourself in the early part of the run means you can finish well, hopefully with a new personal best time.

Developing the right strategic pace in business can help organizations improve their productivity, unlock sustainable profits and avoid costly mistakes.  Many organizations confuse operational speed for strategic pace. Operational speed refers only to trying to get everything as quickly as possible. Strategic pace relates to analyzing processes to see how to improve the value offered customers, and timing work, so it delivers confidently on time. Every sustainably successful company I’ve studied paces itself based on the clarity it has.

Successful businesses using strategic pace will target their efforts on three key areas:

  1. Deep listening;
  2. Open learning; and
  3. Effective re-skilling.

Having all the people involved in the firm working together and aligned for success is essential. The organization’s leaders should focus on harnessing an environment where everyone feels as though he or she can rely on each other so that there is no need for blame or competition within the team. Strategic pace needs to be guided as a whole towards the goals of listening, learning and re-skilling.

By slowing down, companies can help improve both the employee and customer experience. Stakeholders will have opportunities to look back upon their recent actions and evaluate how they were received. This works to enhance the learning that can take place and give everyone the chance to improve before the next phase. Staff will also be better able to understand how their work fits in with the rest of the corporate goals and evaluate how their actions are lining up with the goals for the customer.

Without a primary priority of speed, actions that can hinder work blend, such as feeling a need to be corresponding and collaborating after hours or while on vacation, can be drastically reduced and even eliminated. The company will be aligned with their long-term goals, unlocking sustainable profits and avoiding costly mistakes.

The xTEN Club approach

The xTEN Club approach embeds strategic pace for clients. Early in membership, you will validate an overarching set of aims, goals and mission for your business over the medium to long term. At the start of each quarter, you will make commitments for the next 3 to 6 months at the regular xTEN meeting, ensuring that they are aligned. You gain additional insight from the knowledge skills and experience of the other members. The xTEN Club then assists to ensure that those commitments are met or exceeded.

This process ensures that work is paced and regularly delivered. Read more about membership by clicking here…

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