Perfect, with room for improvement!

By: William Buist on : 28th May 2016: Business Design, Business articles, Strategy: No Comments

When you work on a big project that has all your attention do you give it your best work? If it’s important you’ll go over it many times and tweak and improve it? Until it’s perfect. Of course you do.

When you then meet the client and go through your report, or specification or product do you notice where the work doesn’t quite hit the mark, does that tell you where you could have been better (for them)? Do you seek out feedback and listen carefully to the answers, considering the reaction against your intention? Was your work your best work? Was it perfect?

Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.
Tom Peters, Business author and speaker

When you take your great work to a confidential group of peers and let them delve into what you have done, will they be able to offer suggestions, question your assumptions, give you new viewpoints to consider? Will your best work get better? Will it be more rounded, more complete, clearer and more polished?

It takes you to a whole new level. Better still everyone levels up, and together you move on with more success, more capable, more experienced. Perfect; with room for improvement next time too.

Constant improvement, confidential review

Get access to peer review through Mastermind groups which bring together 6 business leaders to discuss 6 topics in three hours. Insights and improvement opportunities flow for every business from every topic.

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