The xTEN Podcast – Episode 10

By: William Buist on : 2nd May 2016: Business articles, podcast: No Comments

In this Podcast…

Work Blend – Making sense of business for remarkable people.

We hear a lot about work-life “balance” yet for me this is the wrong focus. It implies two things in different “pans” on either side of a ‘judgment machine’ that tests if we do too much of one, too little of another. Especially when we own the business; the dividing line is at best blurred, but often nonexistent. Hence, I talk about “work blend“.

An interview with Rebecca Jones.

Rebecca is a business speaker & Author. She focusses on developing enterprising mindsets, social enterprise & intrapreneurship, and is always in red shoes. You can connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn, and Twitter and via Rebecca’s website.

Rebecca is currently running a survey, please share and complete it here.

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