The xTEN Podcast – Episode 12

By: William Buist on : 30th May 2016: Business News, podcast: No Comments

In this Podcast…

Projection and Reflection.

How the difficulties of projecting a future Britain, in or out of the EU, made me realise that we can set business goals by reflecting from a future we don’t yet know. In the Podcast, we suggest a technique for helping to set business goals by reflection. Do add your comments on how you have applied this technique below.

An interview with Rob Warlow.

Rob is a business finance expert, helping businesses to access the bank funding or investment they need.RobWarlow

His website is Business Loan Services

His Video Channel (which is well worth subscribing to) is on YouTube

You’ll find Rob on Linked In by clicking here…

Business News

How innovation is still happening in traditional products, like the humble refrigerator, and what lessons that be.

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