“What’s next?”

By: William Buist on : 20th May 2016: Business articles, Context, Strategy: No Comments

Do you spend too long looking back at what happened trying to make sense of it, or too much time thinking about what the future could be and planning how to get there? Do you live in the past, or the future, but never the now?

Of course the past gives us some very important things, Knowledge and Experience and it’s facilitated the honing of our skills. Today, we bring all that to bear on what we need to do. Our vision means we are looking in the right direction driving on the right road with care and certainty. Yet if a child steps out in front of us we need to be present, right now, without fail. So too in business, when something needs our attention we had better give it, 100%, Now.

When it’s done, whether that’s an emergency dealt with or a milestone achieved, it’s good to reflect, to enhance our stock of knowledge, to add to the bank of experience, and to hone our skills. Then, it’s time to ask, “What’s next?”

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