How well do you balance your ELF?

By: William Buist on : 9th August 2016: Business articles, Fallacies, Strategy: No Comments

We all face blocks in what we do, blocks that stop us progressing, from learning, from developing. The challenge, first of all, is to be aware enough that we are being blocked, and the challenge after that is to find a way to break the block. That’s where the ELF’s come in.


Emotions are a powerful blocker, we often feel that certain things are beyond us, or are frightened by something we’ve got to face. Facts don’t help, indeed they make exacerbate the emotions if they are at odds with them. Emotions overpower facts.

You can’t resolve an emotional block with facts, but you can with logic. Take things one step at a time, work towards the resolution logically. Sometimes you may even take a step that’s logically accurate but on which you have no evidence, and can’t get it. No facts. The emotions subside, and take their rightful place.

The trouble is that though logic is a powerful un-blocker of emotions, it can create blocks itself. If you follow a logical pathway that just doesn’t work you’ll be stumped. Now you need evidence, facts to resolve it, yet illogical steps often create emotional feelings, but only the facts can defeat the logical impasse, emotions won’t.

Perfect, we’ve got to the facts, all is well, but no, here we are again with our emotional self-doubt, for example, the fact that we are an exceptional [insert profession] is lost because our emotions tell us that there must be others who are better. Logically though we can see that if we weren’t capable we wouldn’t be achieving what we do achieve with whom we achieve it. We open the door to facts, and if we listen to the feedback from our peers, then, when we have all three in harmony. Emotion, Logic, Facts, in harmony, and a balance ELF brings us the opportunity to progress.

What’s your current blocker, How does it make you feel, is it logically complete, have you got all the facts?

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