#StrategyBites: Business News – Week ending September 10th

By: William Buist on : 10th September 2016: Business News, Business articles: No Comments

Business Indices

Market Start of Week End of Week Change %age
FTSE100 6,894.60 6,776.95 -117.65 -1.706%
DJIA 18,491.96 18,085.45 -406.51 -2.198%
£->€ 1.1918 1.1815 -0.0103 -0.864%
£->$ 1.3295 1.3269 -0.0026 -0.196%

Everything heads south.

Apple – New products – New Business Model

Apple launched a new Apple Watch, new iPhone and wireless Airpods, but perhaps most interesting was the introduction to the UK of the Apple upgrade programme, allowing consumers to buy a phone on a monthly payment plan with an upgrade every year. Introduced in the US with the iPhone 6s range this programme moves the business further into a business model based on recurring revenue rather than reliant on new product innovation. It suggests that, for smartphones and PC’s there’s less groundbreaking innovation in the pipeline, and so the strategy is moving into one of stronger client retention. (Source: Apple)

Foolish moment of the Week:

This week, a lesson in how not to set the tone for negotiations you have yet to start, came from Liam Fox, the Trade Minister, who was overheard by the Times to say that British Business was “too lazy and fat”. It’s our contention that people often complain about in others what they know about themselves. Time to get back in your den, I think. (Source: The Times)

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