#StrategyBites – Business News for week ending 22nd October 2016

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Business Indices

Market Start of Week End of Week Change %age
FTSE100 7,013.55 7,020.47 6.92 0.099%
DJIA 18,138.38 18,145.71 7.33 0.040%
£->€ 1.1105 1.1237 0.0132 1.189%
£->$ 1.2186 1.2228 0.0042 0.345%

A pretty quiet week, but the pound continues to languish near very long term lows.

Risks in the Internet of Things.

By gaining access to a number of internet connected devices such as CCTV and Digital recorders hackers have been able to bring down some large websites by making DNS requests to servers. These servers translate the English names of websites into the digital IP addresses that the internet uses. In this case, millions of requests were co-ordinated and clogged up the DNS machines meaning genuine requests were denied.

Business risks are greatest at the point of the weakest link and sometimes that is far beyond our control. Source: BBC

Foolish moment of the Week:

Theresa May went to Brussels and was greeted with some disdain and a number of suggestions, like conducting the exit negotiations in French. The foolishness is assuming that after you have said you don’t want to be a part of a club, expecting the other members to care much about your feelings. For any company, the lesson is that, as business relationships break down, which they always will from time to time, others may not act as you might expect or hope.

Preparing for the Future You Don’t Yet Know

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