William Buist

6 May


£42.50 plus VAT.

First Friday Mastermind

A group of professional and experienced business people (limited to 6 attendees only) considering the challenges and opportunities faced in order to support and help each other to avoid costly mistakes and unlock sustainable profits.

His ability to take a blue sky idea and, in concert with others, turn it into a practical action plan, while drawing creative behaviours out of the other participants, is quite simply breathtaking. The commitment he wins from his fellow collaborators is born of the trust and admiration he inspires in those who work with him
Sir Charles Cockburn, Chairman, The Portcullis Group.

Who should attend

Business leaders who know that sharing insights and knowledge will accelerate everyone’s progress.

What will you get

A confidential facilitated business discussion using a process designed to ensure that you gain insights into your business that make an immediate difference to you. You will leave with actions which if implemented will yield a better result. Decisions which you need to make will be made with more confidence and you’ll avoid costly mistakes.

If you would like to know more about Mastermind groups please click here

Our Venue

Royal College of Nursing,: 20 Cavendish Square,  London  W1G 0RN

Additional Information

Meetings are conducted under strict confidentiality. If you've not attended a First Friday Mastermind before we'll arrange a pre-meeting call to brief you.

After the event, we will be able to join the First Friday Working Lunch at Vapiano, to network and enjoy a lunch together.

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