William Buist

23 Jun

The xTEN Club NetWalk: Powerful collaborative business, together.

Cricklade boasts being the first town that the Thames passes through on it’s way to London, At this part of its journey the river is small and lazy drifting, as it does through the Cotswold water park. That creates easy riverside strolling through some great meadows and scenery, with lots of wildlife to photograph, should that be your hobby. Along the way, you’ll meet other business people and chat in a relaxed and, quite literally, open environment that builds deep understanding, These events always create opportunities for business and for building understanding, knowledge, and trust for each other. The walking will be gentle, about 7 miles in total, never at pace, so as to be accessible to all. Register today:

Our Venue

Cricklade - Cerney Wick - Latton - Cricklade: North Wall Cricklade  Cricklade  SN6 6DU

Additional Information

Arrive in Cricklade (not far from the M4) by 10:30 for a briefing and we'll start the walk at 11:00 am sharp, Walking for roughly 90 minutes before breaking for a pub lunch and then returning. We are in Britain so check the forecast before you set out. Rain will not stop us!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here…

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