Clarity, Strategy, Implementation

Business development and growth is never smooth, there are times when we falter. This short strategic intervention gets businesses moving again really quickly.

William is a clear thinker and a challenging business coach. He helped us express accurately the value in our proposition, and then reshape our proposition to make it even more valuable – – awesome stuff.
Christopher Head

In 12 hours or less together over three meetings you’ll understand what needs to be done, strategically, to move you forward immediately. You’ll unlock sustainable profits whilst avoiding costly mistakes.

Each stage – Clarity, Strategy & Implementation is dependent on the others.

Business Clarity

Business Clarity explodes performance as strategic …

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Business Strategy

Have a great strategy means being …

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Strategy without implementation is just so …

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We’ll also operate a shared and secret forum during the development of your plan and for at least 3 months after it to ensure that we can communicate throughout the project. I’ll be available to provide any additional clarity to you between our meetings.

In addition, it’s usual during engagements such as this that the clarity we create facilitates additional referrals from my network.

Stage 1 – Clarity.
Duration : Approximately 6 hours together with some additional work in advance for you to prepare. That will include an up to 1 hour call to clarify your pre-work.
Output :  Clarity of WHAT can be achieved, with an understanding of the impacts on time, money, motivation, and value that each has.

Stage 2 – Strategy
Duration : Approximately 2-4 hours – 3-4 weeks after stage 1.
Output : This provides clarity, for each of your choices, of WHY it will be done and by WHEN and WHERE, and with WHOM.

Stage 3 – Implementation
Duration : 2 to 4 hours 3-4 weeks after stage 2
Output : This provides clarity about WHAT needs to be done WHEN and HOW to approach it.

This proposal follows the outline of our proven methodology. Your investment would be £2,500 plus VAT if paid in advance, or in 3 monthly instalments of £900 plus VAT for all the work detailed here.  

This is a fixed price proposal including fees and expenses relating to the three meetings. Should we need more time at any stage no additional fee charges will accrue. Additional unexpected expenses (if any) that arise as a result of changes to this approach would be advised and agreed with you in advance.

Single payment - £2,500 plus VAT
Three monthly payments of £900 plus VAT