By: William Buist on : 16th August 2015: : No Comments

At the heart of every successful business is strategy. Without the clarity of clear vision and direction, and a guiding strategic focus decision making tends to be haphazard and driven by events. Strategy unlocks sustainable profits by making sure that the best practices developed by the skill and experience of your team are locked into the DNA of the business.

Without the focus that a great strategy can provide businesses meander, make the same mistakes many times, and fail to achieve what’s needed. Decisions aren’t aligned either.

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.
Michael Porter, Harvard

The xTEN Club has strategy at its heart. As part of your membership, every member has access to two hours consulting time per month to use as you choose.

These meetings focus on ensuring your strategy is robust and realistic, that your implementation plans are optimised, and that your person determination is strengthened. Great strategy makes great business.

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