By: William Buist on : 20th August 2015: Guides: No Comments

Commitment means dedicating yourself to achieve future outcomes. A key element of any business is the commitment it makes to delivering outcomes such as great customer service and reliable consistent products and services.

Commitments require more than intent, they require action too, and the actions have to deliver the results that you need. Commitments must be achievable. When you share your commitments with others there’s an opportunity for them to both support their delivery, and to make sure that the commitments you make are achievable, in your control and within your capability.

Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything, whether it’s a relationship, a business or a hobby.
Neil Straus

In groups like the xTEN Club, a well designed agenda and an effective process to consider, and share, the commitments that you make are critical to how quickly and how motivated you are. Making soft commitments, in a group that are isn’t interested in ensuring your success, may mean the actions will also be soft and only passively supported.

The right group lifts you so you can see beyond the horizon, and sees danger before it affects you, guiding you, or taking action on your behalf. That’s how significant change and, market leading success is created.

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