Trust – The glue that that gets stronger…

By: William Buist on : 23rd August 2015: Guides: No Comments

Trust is a fickle thing, hard to gain and easy to lose. When we build a business we need deep trust with the people we work with every day. Trust comes from believing in the reliability of each other. It’s built, not just from words, but by how the words, actions, values, and behaviour align, and how consistent that is over time. That last point is vital, trust develops, deepens and matures, and there’s always more.

The best way to learn if you can trust somebody is to trust them.
Ernest Hemingway, Writer

In a group setting trusting the others, especially long established members of the group, can seem hard. The “in” jokes aren’t known and there’s bound to be a bit of “them and us”. How you are introduced, how the initial few meetings are adapted to recognise the relative imbalance in the levels of trust, really matters. Confidentiality matters as it frees the group to speak more openly. Great facilitation ensures inclusiveness and collective awareness. In the right environments, and the right groups, trust is established quickly and grows rapidly.

Some leave this up to the group members but we think that’s flawed. In the xTEN Club we provide deeper insight to aid levelling of the playing field. Friendships, business understanding and mutual trust develops quickly as a result. 

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